How can I leave a comment in the candidate's profile?

Comments are the perfect way to communicate with other users in Trakstar Hire or leave your thoughts about a candidate outside of a review!

How do I use comments?

You can begin a new comment by clicking the "Comments" tab from within a candidate's profile:

At the bottom of this tab, you can leave your comments on the candidate:

Once the comment is saved, it will appear in the Candidate's Profile under the "Comments" section:

If there is a new comment on a profile, you will see a numbered notification next to the "Comments" tab like this:

How can I use comments to collaborate with teammates?

You can tag your teammates on a comment by "@"in their username (i.e., @chelsea). Type "@" and begin typing your teammate's username (usually their name), then choose them from the list of matching usernames. Here's what a comment with a teammate tagged looks like:

When you tag a teammate, they will see this notification on their Dashboard:

Need a response from your teammate? Mark the comment as "Waiting for reply":

When you tag a teammate in a comment AND mark it as waiting for a response, they will see this notification on their Dashboard:

You will see that the comment is pending a response from your side. If you decide a response is no longer necessary, you can click the pencil icon to turn off the requirement:

If your teammate has responded, but you're waiting for a further response (for example, their response was "I'll get back to you on this!"), you can re-mark the comment as waiting:

What other options do I have?

You can attach files to comments, as well as mark the comment as private so that it's only visible to yourself, your teammates you've tagged, as well as Super Admins and Job Admins:

You can also mark a comment private later on by clicking the 3-dot icon next to the note and selecting the "Mark as private" option:

Do candidates see comments?

No. Comments are only visible to your Trakstar Hire users.

Questions? Feel free to reach out at any time!

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