Can I set a reminder to follow up with a candidate email?

The candidate email reminder helps you make sure great candidates don't fall through the cracks. With a quick check box, you can have the system alert you if the candidate fails to reply to your email.

It's easy to set up, and fast to get an overview of overdue replies. Learn more below!

How do I set the reminder?

The reminder feature is easy to set up. You can add a reminder while composing an email to a candidate, whether it's a new thread, or a response:

You can also add a reminder even after you've sent the email:

Can I edit or cancel the reminder?

Certainly! Once a reminder is sent, simply click on the pencil icon next to the reminder within the candidate email to edit or cancel the reminder. (Note: When the candidate does reply, the reminder is automatically canceled.)

What happens if the candidate doesn't reply?

If this date passes and no reply comes from the candidate, we will notify you in a few places.

First, on your main Dashboard, we will let you know if you have any Overdue Candidate Responses under your "Everything Else" section. You can click . "View Candidate" to go directly to the candidate's profile:

You'll also see notice on the candidate's details from the Candidate's List, when you expand the details. Similar to the dashboard, you can click this to go directly to the candidate's

Lastly, while on the candidate's profile, we'll show an overdue notice on the individual unreplied-to email. You will have an option to turn it off if you'd like:

Does everyone see the overdue marker?

The overdue marker is designed to be used by the sender of the email, and is only seen by the person who sets the reminder. Think of it as another way to "Star" the candidates inside your own user account.

Why can't I use the reminder feature when also using the send later feature?

In the first roll out of the reminder feature, the send later feature will be disabled if you are setting a reminder for the email. Our team will continue to enhance this feature adding more options down the road.

If the candidate replies before the reminder period, what happens to the reminder?

When the candidate replies before the reminder period is up, the reminder is turned off. You can always turn it back on from within the candidate's profile on their response:

The reminder has fired, but I want to give them more time. Can I "snooze" the reminder, to remind me again in a few days?

Yes! Simply edit the reminder to remind you again a few days out.

How is the time calculated?

Let's say it is Monday at 6pm, and you are setting the reminder to remind you in 1 day. The reminder would fire if the candidate had not replied by 6pm on Tuesday.

Can I use this feature on every place that I write a candidate email?

You can use the remind later feature for any candidate email type, except for when you are writing to the candidate from the interview scheduling dialog box.

You can also only use the feature when you are sending the email "now," as opposed to an email scheduled for the future.


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