How do I communicate with other users in Trakstar Hire?

So you've added everyone on your team in Trakstar Hire, and you're still sending each other internal emails and chats to communicate, but why? You can keep everything directly in Trakstar Hire and save yourself the extra step!

Here are the different ways:


Leaving Comments on a candidate's profile is a great way to communicate with your team!

You can view and create a new comment by clicking to the Comments tab on a candidate's profile.

You will then switch to the Comments section where you can review all current comments (that you have access to) along with a "Your comment..." field at the bottom. Click in this field to start a new comment!

You can copy your coworkers on this note, by "@mentioning" them.

Once the comment is saved it will appear in the Candidate's Profile under the "Comments" section, below any older comments.

Any user included on the Comment (using @mentions) will also receive an email notification, alerting them of the new comment.

Private Comments

Private comments are a great way to discuss things that need a bit more privacy.

The only people who can view private comments are those copied (@tagged) on the note, and all Super Admin users. Check the box beside "Private" to toggle this to a private comment.

If you @tag a user in a private comment, they will see that comment only, and will need to continue to be tagged to view any future private comments.

Alternatively, if you've already saved the comment, you can edit it by clicking the 3-dot icon, and selecting "Mark as private." You can also Delete the comment from here (Useful if you made an error, or changed your mind).

Sending candidates for review

A great way to get feedback on a candidate is by sending the candidate for review! Learn more about how to do this by clicking here!

Leaving feedback on Interview Evaluations

Finished the interview? Evaluating a candidate has never been easier! Check out how to leave Interview Feedback by clicking here!

Want to go in to more details on Interview Feedback? Check out the Structured Evaluation Templates!

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