Deep Dive - How do I manage Openings?

Openings are a vital part of your hiring practice - as hiring for a particular role is why you're here, right?

Managing openings within Trakstar Hire doesn't have to be a pain. Below are some helpful articles to get you started!

Creating Openings

First, you may want to create a new opening! This is done by clicking on "Create Opening" from your Openings Dashboard.

This article will walk you through all the steps of opening creation, and these articles will walk you through opening management!

Please note - there are some user levels which do not have access to create openings. If you are not able to create an opening and need access, please reach out to your manager about getting this access changed!

Writing a great job description

Writing stellar job descriptions helps guide candidates as to what you're expecting out of the role. This leads to more aligned applicants, and a better hire! We've included some tips on writing a great job description here.

I'm not ready to share the job yet. Can I save it or ask my coworkers for feedback?

Yes! You can save openings as drafts while you're still getting them set up, or even mark them for internal use - if you're only looking to share the job with a select few people. Read about all of the job statuses here.

If you'd like feedback from a team member on an opening before you make it live, you can also send the opening for approval. Check out how to do this here.

My hiring process has a lot of steps. How do I set these up in the system?

Perfect! It sounds like you are ready to set up your hiring workflow - that's great! You can do this while you set up each opening, or by clicking on the JOB DETAILS tab on any of your openings' details page. You can also read more about this setup here.

Can I share the opening with the outside world?

Yes! There are lots of options for sharing your openings on social media, job boards, and even your own website. Learn about all of these ways here!

What if I need help?

We love to help! The best way to reach our team is via email at

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