Meet the Humans Behind Trakstar Hire Support

Hey there! We're so excited to work with you and help you level up your hiring process.   No, really - it is our favorite part about our job! Read on to learn about the actual humans behind the Trakstar Hire team!

Got a question for us or want to say Hi?  You can reach us at


Al answers your tickets from Saint Petersburg, Florida.  Got a question about Learn? Al's got you covered.  His favorite Learn feature is the course arranger - because it allows you to get your content just right.  Al served in the US Air Force and has a younger brother in the US Navy.


Michael troubleshoots all of your issues in Perform from Corpus Christi, TX. He loves to read random books, watch old movies, garden, and cook - and was raised on a horse farm in Kansas.


Jen is a Hire pro and helps you level up your hiring from Ferndale, MI - with the help of her golden retriever, Finn. She has a fraternal twin sister (who looks nothing like her!) and was a touring musician for many years.


You'll find Nate working in the Learn and Hire queues and answering your tickets from Portland, OR.  Yes, that is a goat in his profile picture.  Fun fact: he lived in Antarctica for six months!


Jessica answers your Perform questions from Fresno, CA.  Her favorite Perform feature is 360-Rater Feedback so that you can get a whole perspective of the employee experience.  She loves going on adventures with her husband in her Fiat named Pickle Rick.


Laur answers your questions from Chatanooga, TN, with the help of their cat Olive.  Some of their favorite things to do include baking bread and other delicious treats, playing Stardew Valley, and drinking coffee.  They love the reports within the Trakstar platform because it lays everything out in a very visual way!


Grace manages the support team from Liberty, Kentucky.  Feel free to chat with Grace about how to score calculations work or build a stellar review form in Perform.  In her free time, Grace loves paddleboarding, reading, and snuggling her cats and dog.   Want to make her day?  Send her a photo of your pet!


Chelsea manages all the things from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. You can chat with Chelsea about performance reviews, hiring, e-learning, and building relationships while managing remote teams. Chelsea also loves spending time outdoors, kayaking, and giant soft pretzels. 


Jessie manages and creates the support documents and educational content for the Trakstar platform, including Trakstar Academy, from Rutherford, NJ.  She is passionate about iced coffee, the color green, and her three cats.

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