Meet the Humans Behind Trakstar Hire Support


Ran manages onboarding for new customers at Trakstar Hire and answers your emails from Westerville, Ohio. His favorite Trakstar Hire feature is hiring stages, especially review stages. Also the jobs widget! You can chat with Ran about onboarding and learning the system, and how to best transform your hiring workflows into Trakstar Hire. Ran also loves to talk about Cleveland sports, and appreciates a good taco!


Grace answers the support tickets you all send in, and also hosts our webinars from Liberty, Kentucky. Her favorite Trakstar Hire feature is custom application forms because they make screening candidates so easy! You can chat with Grace about how to crack a tricky bug in the system, or how to build stellar application forms. Grace also loves hiking, horror movies, and playing Neopets. Want to make her day? Send her a photo of your pets!


Ryan crushes our ticket queue from Seattle, Washington. He's the one around for your Pacific-Coast hour ticket needs! His favorite Trakstar Hire feature is the calendar sync - because it makes interview scheduling a breeze! You can chat with Ryan about building out hiring stages, and he's an expert at our E-Learning Platform - Mindflash! Ryan also loves being outside, spending time with friends, and every eating every donut he can find. 


Matt answers your needs from Lawrence, Kansas. His favorite Trakstar Hire feature is self-scheduling and the jobs widget. You can chat with Matt about anything as well as our E-Learning Platform - Mindflash! Matt also loves to swap travel stories, chat about innovative ideas in technology … or break down the Packers’ most recent victory.


TJ helps our customers use Trakstar Hire better from Visalia, CA. His favorite Trakstar Hire feature is Unbiased Interview Feedback. You can chat with him about how to get the most out of your Trakstar Hire account, as well as upgrading to get all of the latest and greatest features. TJ also loves traveling with his family in their motorhome, strumming on his guitar, and training in martial arts.


Chelsea manages all the people and all the things from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She's been around Trakstar Hire for so long she remembers when the candidate profiles were all one  long scrollable page. Her favorite Trakstar Hire feature is a tie between Structured Evaluation Forms and Self Scheduling interviews, because both of these make her own hiring so much easier. You can chat with Chelsea about hiring and building relationships while managing remote teams. Chelsea also loves spending time outdoors, kayaking, and giant soft pretzels. 

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