How can I customize rejection (and other decision state) reasons?

Hiring is about finding that one (or more) perfect candidate.  As you process the applicants, not every candidate will cut down the line. 

Keeping metrics on why candidates exit the hiring process and become decisioned (rejected, archived, etc.) helps your team adjust your hiring practices.  Maybe you need to change your job description, advertise your position elsewhere, or make adjustments to your hiring process to find more of the most stellar candidates.  

The system is pre-set with a few generic reasons when decisioning your candidates.  But did you know that these can be customized to meet your team's needs further?

How do I set these up?

Watch the video below or read on to learn more!

Any account Super Admin can edit the custom decisioned reasons via Settings > Candidates Configuration > Reasons for candidate decision.

From here, you can edit the existing reasons, re-order them, create new reasons, and even make the reasons mandatory.  This can be done for each of the decisions types:

Once added, your new reasons display when your team decisions a candidate:

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