Can I reject more than one candidate at a time?

Yes! Rejecting multiple candidates at a time is a breeze and a great way to work efficiently & quickly!

Do the candidates see that other candidates were also rejected simultaneously?

No - the candidates can not see that other candidates were rejected simultaneously.

How many candidates can I bulk reject at a time?

Most accounts have the option to bulk select up to twenty candidates at a time. Specific subscription plans allow you to reject all candidates in a filter - saving you even more time!

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How do I bulk reject?

You can bulk reject from any candidate dashboard or search screen. Here are the steps to do so:

  • Click on "Candidates" on the left bar of your Trakstar Hire screen.

  • Find the candidates you'd like to reject (you can use the advanced search or the sort options on the left - or any way you please!)
  • Once you have found the candidates, click the check box beside the ones you would like to reject. 
  • Select the box at the top of the candidate's list if you want to reject all candidates on the page.  This will select the twenty candidates displayed!
  • Click Reject from the top screen; if you have any 'scheduled' interviews for any candidate selected, you'll be prompted to review those to proceed.

Can I reject more than 20 candidates at a time?

After you've found the candidates you'd like to reject, by filtering the list, click the box at the top of the candidate's list to select all the candidates. You should see an option at the top to select all candidates in this list, in addition to the twenty displayed.  Click this to select all the candidates!

From here, follow the following steps to reject all selected candidates. The rejections will be completed over a brief period to prevent system strain. You'll see a 'time indicator' of which candidates are still to be processed during that time.

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