Can I send messages to more than one candidate at a time?

Yes! Sending a message to multiple candidates at a time is a breeze and a great way to communicate quickly!

Do the candidates see that other candidates were also sent the same message?

No - the candidates can not see that other candidates were sent the same message. It is similar to a BCC list. If a candidate responds, it will only go to the sender, not the entire recipient list.

How many candidates can I bulk message at a time?

Most account have the option to email up to twenty candidates at a time. Certain subscription plans allow you to email all candidates in a filter - saving you even more time!

How do I send a bulk message?

You can send a bulk message from any candidate dashboard or search screen. Here are the steps to do so:

  • Click on "Candidates" on the left bar of your Trakstar Hire screen

  • Find the candidates you'd like to send the message to (you can use advanced search, or the sort options on the left - or any way you please!)

  • Once you have found the candidates, click the check box beside the ones you would like to send the message to. 

  • If you want to send a message to all of the candidates on the page - select the box at the top of the candidates list.  This will select the twenty candidates displayed!

  • Click Email from the top screen, and the compose window will appear.

Do you want to email more than twenty candidates at a time?

After you've found the candidates you'd like to email by filtering the list, click the box at the top of the candidates list, to select all the candidates. You should see an option at the top to select all candidates in this list, in addition to the twenty displayed.  Click this to select all the candidates!From here, follow the next steps to compose your message.  To prevent spam, the emails will be sent out over a brief period of time to the candidates.  You will receive an email when all of the emails have been sent.

Don't see this option in your account? Reach out to us at to learn more about it!

How do I compose my message?

  • Once the email compose window is displayed, you can load a message from a template or write a new one.
  • You can use the {} link at the bottom of the message creation to pull in things like the candidate's name, or the opening name. Note - even though all candidate names are displayed, the candidates will not see that other people were sent the same message.  This message will also be saved in the Email tab of the candidate's profile, as an individual message.

  • Once the message is complete, you can choose to "Send Now" or send at a later date/time. You can also choose if you want us to remind you to follow up in a few days. (Please note: We do not allow follow-up reminders on scheduled messages.)

  • Once sent, the message will display in each of the candidate's profiles

  • When the candidate replies, the reply will display in the candidate's profile. The user who sent the message will also receive a copy of the reply in the inbox of the email address they use for Trakstar Hire.

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