How do I view and send emails to candidates?

Candidate emails allow you to email back and forth with your candidate.  This is handy for gathering more information, sending along interview details, or, of course, an offer letter! 

Viewing existing emails

To view any existing emails with a candidate, start by navigating to their profile. From here, you can find existing messages via the "Emails" tab:

Sending a new candidate email

If you'd like to send a brand new email to a candidate, you can do so by clicking on the "New Email" tab at the top right of the candidate's profile:

This opens a dialog box, to allow you to compose your email:

  • When you're ready to compose your email, you can fill in the subject and the body of the message.  If you'd like to have a pre-set signature on all of your emails, you can set this up via Settings > Profile and Password.
  • We also offer some handy editing tools across the bottom of the email compose box, including:  Attach a file, Attach EEOC questionnaires, Attach a followup questionnaire, insert a fill-field to fill in things such as the candidate's name, attach a calendar invite (valid only if scheduling an interview), basic editing tools, insert a link, and insert an image

  • Additionally, you can cc other Trakstar Hire users on the email:

And You can pull in stored templates of emails:

  • Make the email private: Private emails can only be seen by account super admins, any job admins on this opening, and any user cc'd on the email.  Of course, the candidate will have access to see the email, too!

When you're all ready to send, you have a few options, including:

  • Remind me to follow up: which will alert you if there is no reply within a set number of days
  • Send later - which allows you to send at another time
  • Send message - which allows you to send the email

Replying to an existing email thread

If you've already been talking to the candidate on a thread, you can respond within the thread itself, from the email tab:

What happens when the candidate writes back?

When a candidate writes back we alert you (as the sender of the email) and, anyone else you've cc'd on the email.  You're alerted to the email address that you use to log in to Trakstar Hire.  From here, you're welcome to reply either directly in Trakstar Hire, or from your email itself.  Either way, we'll continue to thread the emails inside Trakstar Hire for safekeeping.

Note - replying from your email only works if the email thread starts in Trakstar Hire. 

How do I know the candidate received my email?

We give you a handy indicator on the email itself.  One checkmark means the email has been sent, and two means that it is delivered successfully.  Of course, from there candidates could have filters which mean the email doesn't make it to their inbox - but we're on the right track, with it arriving to them!

Should an email ever fail to send, we do alert you via an email notification, and an in-app alert in the candidate's profile itself.

Any tips on ensuring my emails don't land in candidate's spam folder?

We have this great resource on what to include, and what to avoid, in your emails to prevent your emails from triggering a spam filter. You can learn more about this here: How can I ensure my emails reach my candidates?

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