Gating / Password Protecting Interview and Review Links

To ease leaving interview and review feedback, we allow your team to leave feedback without logging in to Trakstar Hire. This is a feature that helps to drive engagement with the hiring process without having to learn to navigate another system for your teammates who aren't a part of everyday hiring. ( Learn more about this feature here). 

Some teams prefer to have these links behind a password/login page for data security. This is something controlled by account Super Admins via Settings > Interview and Review Configurations: 

Once toggled on within your account settings, your team will be required to log in to access interview/review pages. Workflow examples are mentioned below: 

When a user gets an interview invite and tries to click "Yes, confirm" (to confirm the interview):


They will be taken to a verification screen:
Once they enter their Trakstar Hire (Recruiterbox) password, they will see the interview details:

The same will happen if they click on the link in the calendar - if they haven't already logged in through this setup on that computer. 

If this user happens to have not yet set up a Hire password, they will be asked to do so when they first click on a link:


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