How can I submit reviews & interview feedback from my email inbox?

If you'll be primarily using Trakstar Hire to leave reviews (either when a candidate is sent to you for review or after an interview), it's easy to manage right in your email inbox!  You won't even need to log in - and the page is mobile-friendly, so it's easy to submit your feedback on the go.

Read on, or take our e-learning course to learn more!

Submitting a Review

You'll receive an email notification when a candidate is sent to you for review.  It will include a few details - such as the candidate's name, the opening name, and the current stage.  You'll also see who sent the candidate to you for review and a note (if they chose to include one).

Click on View Candidate Profile to proceed - this will launch a new browser window.

You'll see a simplified version of the candidate's profile, including their application questions, questionnaires, feedback, emails, and documents.  If you want to view their entire profile, you can click on View complete profile and log in to your Trakstar Hire account at any time.

Whenever you are ready to leave your feedback, click on Write Review in the top right corner. The review interface will appear in the bottom right corner, allowing you to leave your feedback and rate the candidate.  Once complete, click on Submit Feedback.  The feedback will be saved to the candidate's profile, and the user who requested the review will be notified.

Submitting Interview Feedback

The process for submitting feedback for an interview is similar, with just a few interface changes. 

You'll receive an interview invite, which you can add to your calendar.  It will include a link to the candidate's profile.  Due to the interviews' more time-sensitive nature, this link will only be valid for fourteen days.

You'll see a simplified version of the candidate's profile, and, like the review interface, you can click through to view their complete profile in your Trakstar Hire account.  

When you are ready to submit your evaluation, click on Submit Evaluation on the right side.

The evaluation form will pop up in the lower right corner.  This example interview has a custom evaluation form set up, so you'll be prompted with some additional questions - this can be set up on both reviews and interviews. 

You can open and view the evaluation form at any time - we suggest having it open during the interview to take notes!  When you are ready to submit, click on Submit Evaluation to save the feedback to the candidate's profile.

These interfaces allow you to leave feedback and reviews without ever having to log in to your Trakstar Hire account!

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