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Here at Trakstar Hire, our goal is to help you hire better - and we're so excited to have you along for the ride!

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You first need to do in Trakstar Hire to get logged in.  So let's get that taken care of, and then we can get the magic started!

How do I log in?

When you are added to your team's Trakstar Hire account as a new user, you receive an email with an activation link.  Clicking on this link allows you to activate your account and log in for the first time.  
In the future, you can always return to the [login page](https://app.recruiterbox.com/accounts/login) to log in again.  

What is my username?  What about my password?

Your username is your email address.  For most folks, this is your work email address.  
Your password is set up the first time you log in.  Should you need help resetting this in the future, you can click "Cannot login" on the Login Page.

When setting your password, follow these guidelines:

  • Password shouldn’t be too similar to your email or username.
  • A minimum of 9 characters is required.
  • This password cannot be entirely numeric or use common phrases.

How do I edit my profile, email signature, or set up my timezone?

When you first get started, it's a great idea to get your profile set up.  You can do this under Settings > Profile & Password.

Note - if you haven't set up a password yet, it will ask you to set up a password the first time you click on "Settings."
From this page, you can set up your profile, reset your password, pick your timezone, or set up your email signature for candidate messaging.  

Can I edit my email notifications?

Yep! You should give these a check as well under Settings > Email Notifications.  

This page allows you to pick what you'd like to be notified of.  We notify you via email on the email address you use for logging in.  
To help you stay in the loop, there are a few email notifications you can't turn off.  These include Interview Invites, replies to candidate messages that you send or are cc'd on, internal notes you are tagged in, or requests to review profiles or openings.

What if I need help?

We love to help! The best way to reach our team is via email at hire@traktstar.com.

Within Trakstar Hire, you can reach us via the Question Mark button in the bottom left corner of your account.  Just click on "Ask" to send us a message.

The folks here on the Customer Success team are excited to have you on board, and we look forward to hearing from you!

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