What is a toggle account?

Toggle Accounts are multiple Hire accounts attached to single logins.  They allow for each account to have its unique branding, data, and SSO.

Why would you consider adding a toggle account?

  • You have multiple SSO domains or Outlook calendar accounts you want to connect.
  • You have multiple brands and would like your job listings and hosted site to have consistent branding (logo, name, etc.).
  • You have multiple offices or branches that you'd like to have separate instances or data pools of Hire

What are some things to consider before choosing toggles?

Toggles are an excellent solution to use Hire for multiple parts of your business or brands. There are some things to remember if you will be choosing toggles for your account: 

  • Reporting and data are not shared between toggle accounts - you are not able to move any data between toggles
  • You must set up any items (such as openings, templates, offer letters, etc.) you wish to have across toggles manually into each one

How do I add users to toggle accounts?

If a user is added to more than one Hire account with the same email address, they will have an option to toggle or switch between the accounts.  To grant access to more than one Hire account, add the user with the same email address and the appropriate role in both accounts.

How do I switch between toggle accounts?

Click your initials in the top right corner of the Hire window.  From that drop-down, you will see all accounts you have access to.  Click the one you'd like to switch to.

Note: If you are using separate SSOs for the accounts, you may need to log out and back in to gain access.

How can I add a toggle account?

Reach out to your account manager or hire@trakstar.com, and we'd be happy to set you up!

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