Can I add users to Hire? What are the user permissions?

Can I add my coworkers to Trakstar Hire?

Yes! Coworker collaboration is a massive plus of Trakstar Hire (Recruiterbox) - so we've made it easy for any account Super Admin user to add more users to the account!

Want to learn more about permissions? Check out this webinar below, or read on!

What user levels are available? What permissions do they have?

There are 4 user levels. They are detailed below:

  • Super Admin - The Super Admin user will have full account access. They will have access to account settings such as billing details, and they'll have full reporting access. They will also have access to all openings and candidates in the system.
  • Recruitment Manager - The Recruitment Manager has access to any job openings assigned to them. They have access to build new openings, as well as send openings to paid job boards. If they are not assigned to a role, they will not have access to it.
  • Recruiter - The Recruiter has access to any openings assigned to them. They do not have access to purchase paid job boards, or create job postings.
  • Hiring Team Member - The Hiring Team Member takes interviews with candidates, but isn't otherwise involved in the hiring practice. They have access to the candidates sent to them via the Interview Invites. They do not have access to edit job details, change candidate statuses, or communicate directly with candidates.

Can I edit these permissions further?

Super Admins can give more granular permissions under Settings > Company Settings > Permissions. Not seeing this option? Contact us to upgrade!

Any of the blue check boxes can be selected, to grant additional permissions to various user levels, allowing you to customize these permissions even further.

Note :

  • Hiring team member users can not create new emails to candidates, but they can reply to an existing thread if they are cc'd on the message.

Can I adjust the permissions on an opening by opening basis?

There are also additional permissions that can be set, on an opening by opening basis.

You can edit who is assigned to an opening by clicking on "Users working on this opening" on the right side of the "Job Settings" tab of your Opening:

  • Job Admins - As you add users to the opening, you'll also have the option to make any of them "Job Admins" for the opening. Users added as the Job Admin will have access to private fields on the candidate's profile (answer to application questions, or, private lines added to the profile section). 

  • Coordinators - For each stage in your opening's workflow, one user can be listed as the coordinator. Candidates within that stage of the opening will be "assigned to" that user who is the coordinator to take the next action on advancing candidates through the hiring workflow.  To edit the coordinator for any stage, click on the pencil icon to the right of that stage and then choose "Edit":

How do I add a user to my account?

Any Super Admin user on the account can add other users in the account settings. Let's go over how to do this:

To get started, click on Settings > Users

Select "Users"

On the right side of the screen, click "+Single User"

Next, add the user's name, email address, and select the user role you'd like them to have;

Below this, you'll have the option to assign them to any opening. You can leave this blank if you're not yet ready to assign them to an opening. Don't forget to click Add User to save!

Can I add more than one user at a time?

Hire has options for bulk uploading users.  This allows users to upload many new users at once.  Additional actions can be taken to manage users in bulk too!  Click here to learn more about this feature.

Can I edit their details once they are set up?

Yes! You can change their permissions, reset their password and update their timezone at anytime by going to Settings > Users and clicking the Edit button to the right of their name:

Once inside you will see the options to edit listed:

If changes are made select Save at the bottom of the screen and you are good to go!

What if the account activation email doesn't come?

Occasionally account activation emails land in a spam folder, so please check there. If your user's account activation email doesn't come, please write us at and we'll get it taken care of for you!

Questions? Feel free to reach out at any time at!

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