What job boards should I share my opening to?

You've spent time creating the perfect opening details and workflow for your job posting - now you need some candidates!  Hire makes sharing your opening to any job board easy, allowing your candidates to flow directly into Hire.  By using a trackable link, you'll be able to track where each candidate comes from - so you can dig into your data and understand where the best candidates are coming from and where you may want to set up sponsored postings.


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How to post on any job board

Maybe you want to post your jobs to a job board that we haven't listed, such as Craigslist, AngelList, Reddit, or sponsor an opening on LinkedIn. That's great! We've set up the process to allow you to post to any job board! Setting up your job to share on the job board through this page ensures the source will be tracked, and the candidates land back in Trakstar Hire - making reporting easy, and saving you time! Read on to learn more!

Adding a new job board

Once on the job posting page, it is easy to add a new job board

  • Click the "Custom" Job Boards tab

  • Here, you can choose to View Instructions on how to post to a board previously added to Trakstar Hire, OR you can create a new job board by clicking the ADD A JOB BOARD box.

  • If you choose to ADD A JOB BOARD, you will be shown a unique application link for that job board and the details that will be posted.

  • Many job boards accept URLs to direct people to your job postings. If your job board accepts this posting - this is the best way to share your job! Jobs shared in this manner will direct the applicant to the application form, and they will answer the custom questions you have set up!
  • If the job board you have chosen does not allow external links, that's okay! You can generate an opening-specific email address to forward the candidate's resume into the system. To generate this unique email address, click "generate a unique email address."

Auto-response to applicants turned on, these candidates will receive auto-responses only when a unique email address is present and can be parsed out of their resume.

  • You can now view the unique email address for this job posting

  • You have the data you need to create your posting on the job board! You can now hop over to the job board site (Monster, Career Builder, etc.) and paste the information from your job posting box. Share the external link, email address, and job description information!
  • As candidates apply via this job board posting, you will be able to see their source reflected within their profile and the source report.

How do I remove my jobs from the job boards?

  • For the one-click job board pushes:
    • One-click job board pushes can be removed from the job boards by archiving the job or making the job private
  • For the "added by you" job board pushes:
    • "Added by you" job board will need to be manually removed from the external job site (Monster, Career Builder, etc.).

Questions? Feel free to reach out at any time at hire@trakstar.com.

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