Letting Candidates Self Select Interview Times

When you're busy scheduling interviews, the last thing you (or your candidates) want is a lot of back and forth! With our Self Scheduling interview tool, you allow candidates to self-select their own interview times!

Not seeing this feature? Reach out to hire@trakstar.com and we're happy to discuss pricing!

How do I get started?

Watch the video below, or read on to learn more!

To get started, begin scheduling an interview with any candidate, by clicking "New Interview" from within their profile.  This opens the interview scheduling box.  

From here, check the "Let the candidate pick from suggested time slots" to get started. 

We'll go ahead and suggest time slots which are free across all of the interviewers calendars.  If they have their calendars synced with Trakstar Hire, we'll adjust for this availability too.  If you'd like to change the time slots included, click "View/Edit slots" - this opens the time picker

Any slot in blue, is a suggested slot.  You can click on any blank spot to add it to the list, or, hover over any suggested spot to reveal an "x" to remove it from the list.  Clicking the X at the top of the day removes all of the slots for that day:

Once done with setting up the slots, click "Save" to return to the interview setup page.

The screen will return to the interview setup page, where you'll see a pre-populated message to the candidate, which includes a link to the slots you selected.  Your interviewers receive an invite once a time is picked by the candidate. 

Click "Suggest time slots" to send this along to the candidate.

What does it look like for the candidate?

When the candidate receives your email, they have a large button to click to select the time slot they'd like to have.  

Clicking on this takes them to a page for self selecting

For users who have their calendars synced with Trakstar Hire, should any of your time slots become booked by either another candidate or an outside event prior to picking, they are removed from the list for the candidate to pick.  If there happen to be no remaining slots, we notify the candidate to reach back out to the interviewer, to request more time slots. 

Clicking on a time slot gives them a confirmation button.  

Upon confirming, the candidate is sent an invite, we add the interview information back into Trakstar Hire, and notify the interviewers of the upcoming interview!

What if I don't see this feature?

If you don't see this feature in your account, reach out to us and we're happy to discuss which pricing plans include this option!

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