How to set up Structured Evaluation Templates for Interviews

Having a solid hiring process is essential to a growing team. With our Structured Evaluation Templates, you can create set review questions for your interviewers to answer about the candidate!

Would you like to do this on candidate reviews, too? Learn more here!

What is it?

Structured Evaluation Templates allow you to pre-set questions for your interviewers to rank the candidate on while leaving their interview feedback.

These questions can be pre-set for the Interview Stage in the opening or added on the go when scheduling an interview for the candidate.

Watch the video below or read on to learn more!

How do I set it up?

The Structured Evaluation Templates can be set up in your stage settings within your Hiring Workflow. These templates are available on the preconfigured Interview Stages

Here are the steps to set this up:

  • Click on "Openings" on the left blue bar of your Trakstar Hire screen
  • Click on the opening you'd like to edit this for
  • The Opening Details will display
  • On the tabs in the opening, click on "Job Settings."
  • Here you can add a new Interview Stage or click the edit Pencil beside an existing Interview Stage.

  • Click "Setup Evaluation Form" on the edit screen to set up your form.

  • Now you can create the custom questions for your evaluation form by clicking "Add an attribute/quality."

  • Add the attribute/quality and a description. Afterward, click Add attribute.

  • If you'd like to make an attribute mandatory, you can check the box to do so.  Making it mandatory makes both the rating AND comments box mandatory:

  • You can continue adding as many attributes/qualities as you would like. Once you've finished, click "Done."

  • Next, click "Save" on the interview stage setup page.

  • The Structured Evaluation Template will now automatically be included in the interviews for candidates in this stage.

Can I copy this form from another opening?

Yep! Click on the "Copy Evaluation Form" button to copy the form you have used on another opening.

Can I add questions on the go?

You can also add additional questions on the go when scheduling an interview. These questions will only apply to this candidate while in this stage.

What does it look like for the interviewer?

When leaving their feedback, the interviewer can rank each of the evaluation items you've set up along with an "Overall" recommendation.

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