Integration: Connect Microsoft Teams with Trakstar Hire

The integration between Microsoft Teams and Trakstar Hire allows you to speed up your interview scheduling by generating Teams links automatically when creating interview invites.

Microsoft Teams can only connect to one Trakstar Hire account per Teams login. If you have more than one Trakstar Hire account (or a "toggle account"), you can only connect Teams to one of these Hire accounts at a time. We suggest connecting Teams with the account you schedule interviews in most frequently and using the manual process for your other account(s).

Important Integration Notes

  • The Teams integration can work with any work or school Teams account. Personal accounts do not work with this integration.
  • Your email domain needs to match what is set up in your Teams atmosphere
  • The Teams integration is separate from the Outlook calendar integration. Both can be set up independently of each other.

Enabling the Integration

Every user who would like to use Teams can set up the integration within their Hire account. This is not a global connection; every user must manually connect their account.

To get started, navigate to Settings > Personal Settings > Connecting Applications, then scroll down and find Microsoft Teams.

Once on the settings page, scroll down to Microsoft Teams.

Click on Connect your Teams account to get started. You will be prompted to log in with your Microsoft credentials or select the specific account you want to connect to.

If you are the first user to connect to Teams, you may need to request your Microsoft admin's approval. A pop-up like the one below may appear. Once they approve the application, you can return to Hire to complete this process.

Once the connection is set, you'll be redirected to the Hire settings page, but the Connect button should now display as Disconnect - congrats, you've set everything up correctly and are ready to set up some Teams meetings!

Meeting Host Settings

When setting up an interview, this integration will add the Teams information for the user setting up the interview. If you are scheduling but not taking the interview, you must enable options within Teams that allow the meeting to start with no host. We recommend disabling the lobby for your meetings.

Your Teams admin may have to edit your universal account settings to grant this permission. You can learn more about this here. You may be able to edit this on a meeting-by-meeting level, depending on the settings your Teams admin has set up for your account.

When setting up an interview - either on a candidate's profile or when creating a template stage - you'll see Teams as an option under Type/Medium.

The link will automatically generate and be emailed to the candidate and all interviewers via email.

This link is also saved in the interview stage and on the candidate's profile, under Feedback, for easy access. You can click on any of these links, when it is time to launch the interview.

What if I schedule an interview without a Teams account connected?

If you pick the Teams meeting type and don't have Teanms connected in settings, you will see a message letting you know to connect your account to auto-generate meeting links. Otherwise, there is a way to enter the meeting details (url, ID and password) manually. You can always use this option if you'd like to add your colleague's Teams information to a meeting instead of your own.

How do I disconnect the Teams integration?

To get started, navigate to Settings > Personal Settings > Connecting Applications, then scroll down and find Microsoft Teams.

Click the Disconnect button. A popup will appear to confirm that you'd like to proceed. If you're sure, click Confirm Disconnect to proceed.

When you disconnect the integration, you can no longer auto-create Teams links on future interviews. Any previous links created for upcoming interviews will be maintained.

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