How to set up an automatic response to applicants

Sending an auto-response to an applicant helps them know their application was received successfully and can be a tool to send along the next steps or additional information to the candidate.

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Who receives auto-responses?

Only candidates who apply via the application form on the Hosted Careers Site, through the Job URL, or on your site through our Jobs Widget will receive auto-responses. Applicants added to the system via a single candidate upload, email forward, a bulk resume upload, the Hire API, or are added via an External Recruiting Agency or Employee Referral do not receive auto-responses.

How do I set up auto-responses?

Auto responses are set up within each opening. By default, auto-responses are disabled. Here are the steps to turn them on:

Click " Openings" on the left bar of your Trakstar Hire screen, then click on the name of the opening that you would like to enable auto-responses for:

The opening details will display. Choose the tab that says "Job Settings" and see the link for "Auto response email to applicants" Click this link to enable or disable an auto-response or set up a new auto-response. (You'll also see whether an auto-response is enabled or disabled currently.)

Fill in the auto-response details. You can pull in a template or include attachments or questionnaires. You can also set who you would like to display as the message's sender. Once you have the details set up, click "Create."

You will receive a confirmation message at the top of your screen that the auto-response has been saved. You can also send a text message to yourself to see what the message will look like when the candidate receives it:

When you go back to the opening details, the auto-response will now be noted as Enabled:

Clicking to the "Auto response email" again will allow you to disable/enable or change the auto-response message.

Where do I see the auto-responses that were sent?

You can see the auto-responses under the "Candidate Messaging" portion.

What happens if a candidate replies to an auto-response?

The reply will be displayed in the "Candidate Messaging" portion of the candidate's profile when the candidate replies. The reply will also be sent to the user's email inbox set as the "Sender" of the message.

Any tips on ensuring my emails don't land in candidate's spam folder?

We have this great resource on what to include, and what to avoid, in your emails to prevent your emails from triggering a spam filter. You can learn more about this here: How can I ensure my emails reach my candidates?

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