Webinar Recording - Hiring & Onboarding in a Digital World

In this new and changing world, more and more teams are going remote. It can be a challenge to find the best ways to hire and onboard new employees, especially if you’ve never met them in person before! Luckily, Trakstar Hire is here to help.

Steps to Crafting an Engaging Remote Job Description

  • Choose a descriptive title
  • Define what remote means to you
  • What equipment will the candidate need? Will the company provide it?
  • Be transparent about schedule expectations & requirements

Remote Friendly Features in Trakstar Hire

Location:  Within Trakstar Hire, we usually recommend that you set the location of your remote opening to be your main office location, geo-tagged and selected from the Google drop down. Or use your company’s built in Work Address location! This will communicate where your main point of operations is to your candidate You’ll need to do this if you are going to be automatically syndicated to the free job boards - even if the position (or your entire company!) is remote.

If you’ll just be posting on your own website or sharing the opening manually, you can add “remote” or “work from anywhere” or something similar in the actual Location field, to display with your opening’s job details. Either way, you can click on the box that indicates Allows remote work, and this will mark that the opening is remote friendly.  This will be shared on your hosted site and the opening page as well!

Job Boards: Create trackable links to post to remote friendly job boards, like WeWorkRemotely.com or Working Nomads.

Questionnaires: Send follow up questionnaires to your candidates, as an additional screening tool.  Trakstar Hire's video questionnaires can even be used in place of a telephone call!

Self-Scheduling: Use the calendar integration (either via Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar) to sync your user's calendars with Trakstar Hire. The Self-Scheduling feature allows you to send candidates a selection of time slots that they can choose from!

Don't see these features in your account? Reach out to us at hire@trakstar.com and we will discuss plan upgrade options to add this features!

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