What are follow-up questionnaires?

So you've narrowed down the initial outpouring of candidates, but you still have questions you'd like to have answered by the candidates before you interview them; that's when the follow-up Questionnaire feature comes in handy!

How do I create a Questionnaire?

Super Admin is the only user that can create the Questionnaire. Once it is created, it will be accessible to all users to send

  • To get started, choose the settings gear icon from the bottom left of the screen (or click on your initials at the top right) and then choose "Questionnaires" in the "Candidates Configuration" section.

  • Once you open Questionnaires, you will see the list of all previously created Questionnaires.

  • If you would like to create a new Questionnaire, you can do so by clicking the Create Questionnaire button found to the right of your screen.

  • A pop-up will appear to allow you to title and describe the Questionnaire.

  • Once you click Create in the pop-up box, you will be sent to a new page allowing you to generate the appropriate questions.

Note - you can limit character length, or make questions private, too!

  • You can create as many questions as you'd like

One fun question type is a video response! This lets the candidate send a quick clip for their answers.  They'll be able to either record in-screen or upload a video to the response.  Are you not seeing this option? Reach out about an upgrade to your account!

How do I send the Questionnaire to the candidates?

You can send the follow-up Questionnaire to the candidate via candidate messaging.

  • While creating a new message, or sending a reply to an existing thread, select the Questionnaire icon at the bottom of the message. Then choose the corresponding Questionnaire to be added.

Once you have created the message and added the Questionnaire, you will notice a box at the bottom of the questionnaire's pop-up.

What does the Questionnaire look like to the candidates?

  • When a candidate receives the email containing the Questionnaire, it will appear in their inbox with a link to the questionnaire:

  • Candidates will then follow the link to fill out the Questionnaire.

Where will the Questionnaires appear on the Candidate Profile?

Once the candidate has completed the form, it will generate a blue dot next to their name to indicate something new within their profile.

The completed questionnaire will appear under the "Profile" tab above the resume file within the candidate profile. Click "Show answers" to see their responses:

When I am in a candidate message, why is the Questionnaire icon gray?

If this is what you see, the Questionnaire feature is not available on your plan. Don't hesitate to contact us at hire@trakstar.com, and we will discuss plan upgrade options to add this feature.

When would a Questionnaire be beneficial?

Through our experience with the hiring process, we've found that many companies have the best results when their initial application forms do not include a large number of questions ( Read more about application form best practices here). We recommend including questions that will help narrow down your candidates but not in extreme detail. This is where the Questionnaire comes in!

The Questionnaire will allow you to ask the specific questions you're looking to have answered, but only by the candidates, you're genuinely considering.

The Questionnaire allows for several different question types, making it customizable!

Questions? Please get in touch with us at hire@trakstar.com at any time.

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