How can I set up a hire request?

Often, creating an opening is not the first step in your hiring process - getting approval for the new position is!  With the Hire Request feature, you can request a headcount and approval for the new position through a fully customizable form.  This allows you to complete one more step of the hiring process completely in Trakstar Hire

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Enabling Hire Requests

Watch below, or read on to learn how to turn on, and create hire request templates:

If you'd like to begin using the Hire Request feature, a Super Admin must first enable this feature via Settings > Hire Requests.
Once it has been enabled, a new module will appear on the left navigation bar for Hire Requests for all users.

Creating Hire Request Templates

Any Super Admins can set up the hire requests templates for other users.  These templates act as a guide for users when submitting their hire request, and will include details such as number of hires, fill by date, position name, and more.

To get started, you'll click on +Add new template from the Hire Requests settings page.
 You can then add a name for the template, as well as a description to help other users know when to use this form.
Next, we will build out the actual form used.  We've included commonly used questions here that are required and cannot be deleted.  You can add additional questions by clicking on + Question at the top of the form.
When you create a new question, you can select Mark as important.  This makes the question required when the user is filling the form out.

We'll then add the reviewers.  This is the user or users who will approve this opening.  You can add up to three levels of reviewers for the hire request, and there can be multiple reviewers per level. 

If you set multiple reviewers per level, each reviewer will need to approve the request before it moves onto the next stage.

Save this template, and it's all ready for users to access via the Hiring Request module!

Creating a New Hire Request

Watch below, or read on, to learn how to create a new hire request

To begin, a Super Admin, Recruitment Manager, or Recruiter will click on the Hire Request module, then +New request. 

Please note - Hiring Team Members are not able to create a new request, but all other user roles are (regardless of their ability to create openings). 

They'll then select the template they'd like to use from a drop down menu.The form will then populate, and the user can fill it out to being their hire request.  They will see the reviewers and levels displayed on the right side of the page, and the Job Description will be at the bottom.
Once the form has been submitted, it will be sent to the reviewers for approval.

Approving a Hire Request

Watch on, or read below to learn how to approve, reject and suggest changes for a hire request.

The first reviewers will receive a notification about the opening, and can take a look, to see if any changes need to be made prior to approval.  

Each level will need to be completed by all reviewers before being sent to the reviewer(s) of the next level for approval.

The user who submitted the request can also make changes, by clicking on the pencil icon.
The reviewer can add their review and approval by clicking on Add your review in the top right corner.  From there, they can add notes, as well as Approve, Request Changes, or Reject the request.
Once every reviewer has approved the opening, the original user will be notified, and the hire request will display as Approved.

Creating an Opening from a Hire Request

With the hire request approved, it's time for the user who submitted it to create their new opening!  They'll see the Create opening button displayed in the top right corner of the hire request.

This will begin the process of creating a new opening, now that they've received approval. Information from the Hire Request is pre-filled to the newly created opening, including Title, Location and Job description.

Any user creating the Opening will still be able to edit any details of the Opening prior to confirming the creation of said Opening. 

Note: Super Admins will be able to create any Opening from any approved Hire Request, but Super Admins will not be able to delete any Hire Request that was not created by them initially.

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