How can I create an application form for employee referrals & external recruiting agencies?

When an employee refers a candidate or an external recruiting agency uploads a resume, oftentimes we are looking for additional details and information.  That's where the Custom Application Form for Agencies & Referrers comes in!  This feature allows you to build out a custom application form for your external recruiting agency or your employee referral users. 

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How do I set up the application?

You can add questions to the application form via Settings > Candidates Configuration > Application form for agencies & referrers.
From there, you can click on +Field to add your additional questions.

All of your favorite answer types are here for you, so you can fully customize the application's format.

Once your question is set, you can determine if you'd like it to apply to Referrers, Agencies, or Both.  You also have the option to mark it is Private, so only Super Admins, Recruitment Managers, & Job Admins can see the responses; and to mark it as required, so that the person completing the application must answer.

You can also set which openings you'd like this application question to appear on.  You have the option of all openings, or just selecting the ones you'd like.

Save changes, and repeat until you've created all of your custom application questions!

How will the application appear?

When someone is uploading a candidate profile, either via the Employee Referral or the External Recruiting Agency Portal, they are required to add a resume, name, email, and phone number - and do have the option to add additional notes as well.  With the application questions set, they will also be prompted to complete these questions - they will appear beneath the contact information in the application.

How do these application questions appear on the candidate's profile?

These application questions will appear just like any other application questions would - just below the contact information and above the resume of a candidate, on the Profile tab.

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