Frequently Asked Questions about Offer Letters

You've got questions about offer letters - well, we've got answers!  

Are you just getting started?  Check out our complete guide to offer letters in Hire here.

Can I remove the required placeholders?

The offer letter has the following required placeholders that must be included in the template:

  • Candidate First Name {{candidate-first-name}}
  • Candidate Last Name {{candidate-last-name}}
  • Company Name {{company-name}}
  • Opening {{opening}}
  • Offer Expiration Date {{offer-expiry-date}}
  • Salary {{salary}}
  • Candidate eSign {{candidate-esign}
  • Offer Signatory Name {{offer-signatory-name}}
  • Offer Signatory eSign {{offer-signatory-esign}}

These cannot be edited or removed.

Can I add additional placeholders?

Yes, you can add as many placeholders as you need to fully build out your custom offer letters! Learn more here.

Why won't my placeholders work?

Double-check that:

  • The custom placeholders have been created in your account before you upload this offer letter
  • You are using double curly brackets {{ and not regular brackets [[ in the offer letter
  • The placeholders are all lowercase in the offer letter
  • The placeholders are spelled the same as within the Placeholder settings page

Can I delete an offer letter template?

If you need to delete an offer letter template within your account, please reach out to our team at - they'd be happy to take are of it for you.

What happens if someone does not approve an offer letter?

When the offer letter is sent to an approver, they can either Approve or Suggest changes to an offer letter. 

When suggesting changes, approvers must add a comment.  This is saved in the Offer tab and as a private comment on the candidates' profiles.  The user who sent the offer will be notified via email and can go in and make any changes before sending it again.  The approval process will start again from the beginning, before the internal signatory and the candidate sign the letter.

Where is the signed offer letter stored?

Once an offer letter has been signed by both the internal signatory and the candidate, it is stored within the candidate's profile under the Offer tab.  Anyone with access to the profile can view the details and download the PDF copy.  The candidate is also emailed a copy for their record.

Can I cancel an offer letter? What if the candidate has already signed?

Offer letters can be canceled or edited during the approval process and canceled anytime before a candidate signs them.

Once the candidate has signed an offer letter, the process is complete and cannot be edited or canceled.

Can I send more than one offer letter to a candidate?

No, there can only be one active offer letter on a candidate's profile at any time.  You can generate a new offer letter if an offer letter expires or is canceled.  There will be a record of the canceled or expired offer letters on the Offer tab of the candidate's

Who can access the offer letter templates I create?

Any user in the system who has access to create offer letters can view and use your offer letter templates.

What software is used to sign the offer letter? Do I have to have a subscription to this?

Hire partners with HelloSign to manage the signatures for the offer letters.  You do not need a separate login or subscription for HelloSign; the signed PDFs will be saved in your Hire account.

Can the offer letter feature be used to fill out forms or sign other paperwork?

The offer letter feature was explicitly designed for offer letters.  If you need to gather additional information about your candidates, we recommend sending your candidates a questionnaire, using our PandaDocs integration, or taking this action outside the Hire system.

Can I have more than one offer letter to choose from? 

Yes, you can create as many offer letters as you need!  Create a different template for every opening, or different departments, positions, or more.

Can all user levels be approvers or sign offer letters?

No, only Recruiters, Recruitment Managers, and Super Admins can approve and sign offer letters.

Who is notified when the candidate signs the offer letter? 

The user who sent the candidate the offer letter receives an email notification when the candidate has signed the offer letter.

Can an external user sign the offer letter?

No, all internal signatories and approvers must be users in your Hire account, as a Recruiter, Recruitment Manager, or Super Admin.  

Any tips on ensuring my emails don't land in the candidate's spam folder?

We have this great resource on what to include, and what to avoid, in your emails to prevent your emails from triggering a spam filter. You can learn more about this here: How can I ensure my emails reach my candidates?

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