How to Send Offer Letters Through Trakstar Hire

Sending offer letters directly through Trakstar Hire allows you to have faster and more seamless communication with candidates through the offer process.  It also allows you to have a full system of record inside of Trakstar Hire, and to keep your offer letters paperless.  

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Below are the steps to create and send offer letters.  You can click on each to jump to that section of the help article! 

At the start of each section you'll also find a video, which walks you through the process.  This video is comprehensive and covers the full process, but we'll jump you to the right section, if you visit the video in that section specifically. 

Creating offer placeholders and template letters

The first step of sending offer letters is to create your offer letter placeholders and templates.  

The offer placeholders are the spots to hold the items that are unique inside of the offer letter - such as the actual salary amount, or the start date.  

The offer templates are the copies of the actual offer letter(s), with the placeholders in place.  Since there are placeholders in the templates, this makes the letters reusable across candidates, and even across openings.  With that said, you can build out as many templates as you'd like.  Some folks may have one offer letter that they use across their full company, while others may have different offer letters for different openings, roles or divisions.  

Any account Super Admin can set up offer placeholders and template letters. Once built, any user who has access to email candidates can send them an offer letter, too. 

To get started go to the "Offer Settings" section inside of your settings menu.  

First, let's click on "Offer Placeholders" - which is where you can build out custom placeholders for your offer letters.  We've started with a handful already, but you're welcome to create new ones, too:

When creating a new placeholder, you'll type in what text you'd like to describe the placeholder, and we'll create it.  You can also choose the answer type.  Click "Add Placeholder" to save the placeholder.

Note - placeholders are Case Sensitive and will only accept the placeholder if it is lowercase. The Label section here is not.

Once your placeholders are in place, go back to settings and click on "Offer Templates." - From here, you'll be able to see your existing offer letter templates, edit them, or create a new offer template.

Clicking on "Create offer Template" allows you to begin building a new offer template. You'll fill in the template name.  Next, you'll pick which Trakstar Hire user is the "Signatory" or, the internal signer for your company on this letter.  

Lastly, you'll upload your offer letter template.  The offer letter template can be uploaded in a .docx format.  This is the actual offer letter you will be sending, complete with the desired placeholders.  Placeholders are case sensitive, and must be entered as all lower case within the double curly brackets.  You may already have an offer letter your team uses that you can edit and add the placeholders too, or, you're welcome to tweak our sample document.  Download it directly from here

When you upload your document, you'll notice the placeholders you had created turn yellow.  This means we've identified them as places you'll be able to fill in when generating the letter to the actual candidate.  If you have included any bracketed placeholders which don't highlight in yellow, you can manage your placeholders via the "View all offer placeholders" link.  

Click "Save and Proceed" at the bottom of this page to continue forward. 

Creating the offer letter email template 

On the next screen you will build the email that will be sent to the candidate when you are sending the offer letter.  

This is customizable. Edit the letter to your liking on this page and then click "Save and Proceed" to continue. These messages also save under Settings > Email Templates.

Setting up the internal approval workflow for offer letters

On the next screen you have the option to enable the approval workflow for offer letters.  

This allows you to have up to 3 levels of approval for your offer letters, before they go to the candidate.  Perhaps you need a manager and a director to both sign off on the offer letter content. You can build out this hierarchy on this page. 

When an approval process is in place, any letter sent is sent first to the approvers, in order. Once approved by all levels, it is automatically sent to the candidate.

* Note - should any level not approve the letter and instead request changes, the approval chain starts back over at the beginning.

By default this is disabled.  You can toggle it to enabled here to get started

Once enabled, you can pick user(s) for the first approval level.  If you need to add more levels, click "Add one more level of approvers" - you can add up to a total of 3 levels. Once done, click "Save Template" to complete setting up your template.

Creating offer stages inside of your openings

Now that you have the offer letter and email all set up, it's time to build a place in your hiring workflow where you plan to send this. For most people, this will be towards the end of your hiring workflow.  We've set up a special stage type, just for offer letters.  

To manage your stages in any opening, click on the opening and then click on the "Job Settings" tab inside of the opening.  

Once on the Job Settings tab, click on "Add a new stage" to get started creating this stage.  

From there, pick "Offer Stage"

You'll be able to name the stage, and pick a coordinator.  You will also pick which offer letter template will be used in this stage.  

Want to learn more about stages in general? Click here to learn about the other stage types!

Generating an offer letter to a candidate

Now that your offer letter is built and you have a stage for this step of the hiring process, it's time to make an offer to a candidate! 

Navigate to the candidate's profile who you'd like to make an offer to.  If you haven't already, put them into your offer stage. From the stage on the right side, you can click "Generate Offer ->" to begin the offer process. 

Alternatively, you can click on the "Offer" tab at any time, to generate this, or, see the existing offer letter.

When you click to generate the offer you'll see the placeholders you created as fields to fill out.  We've gone ahead and filled in any that we can, such as the candidate's name.  You can edit any of these.  These will display inside of the actual offer letter, where you've placed them in your template. 

Once the placeholders all say what you'd like, you can click "Preview offer letter" to continue.  This will show you what the actual letter looks like.  Click "Back" at the top to edit any of the placeholders, or "Save and Proceed" to go forward

Next, you'll compose your message to your candidate.  This will pull in the candidate message you created to go along with this offer template.  Feel free to edit the message, and when you're done, click "Send for Approval" 

Note - if you have an approval workflow set up on your offer process, it will go through the approval levels first. Once approved by all levels, it will auto-send to the candidate.  Should it not be sent for approval, it will go to the candidate at this point.

You can now see the letter (and it's status) under the "Offers" tab inside the candidate's profile:

Internal approval of the offer letter

Once sent the users who have been included in your approval process will receive an email notification asking them to approve the offer letter, in order of their approval level. 

This email notification contains the details from the placeholders, as well as buttons to approve, suggest changes, or view the candidate's profile. Additionally, the full letter is attached to this notification. You're also notified of this pending approval on your Trakstar Hire Dashboard.


This will cycle through each approval level (1 through 3, if applicable) until it is approved by everyone in your workflow. At that point, it will be sent to the candidate automatically.  

If you have not picked to include approval as a part of the workflow, this step will be skipped and the letter will be sent to the candidate automatically 

If any level of approval makes a suggested change to the letter the approval process will start back at the lowest level again. Suggested changes are recorded as comments in the candidate's profile - they are also marked as private. 

Once approved, the person who sent the offer letter for approval receives an email notification letting them know the letter was approved.

Offer letter signature by company & by candidate

Once the letter is approved by all it is sent to the person you have marked to sign the letter internally for signature.  You're also notified of this pending signature on your Trakstar Hire Dashboard.  You can sign from the email notification, or from the "Offers" tab in app.

Once signed by your internal staff, the message you had created is also sent to the candidate, for them to sign.  This message is recorded in "emails" inside of the candidate's profile. It is sent from the person who began the offer letter process, and is marked as private.

Once signed by everyone, you can see the final copy inside the "Offers" tab in the candidate's profile.  From here, you can also download a copy should you need to have this in the future. We also email a final copy to the candidate, and alert the user who sent the offer letter that the candidate has signed the letter.

How can I cancel an offer letter?

Should you realize you need to edit or cancel an offer letter you can do so from the right side timeline in the candidate's profile.

Note - if the offer letter has already gone through any rounds of internal approval, your only option will be to cancel the offer letter.

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