Creating Openings for Internal Company Applications

Sometimes your team needs openings only to be used internally for applications inside your company. Perhaps you want to collect internal applications separately, or you're only considering internal candidates for a particular position. Follow the steps below to create and share these internal-only openings. 

Why would I create a separate opening for internal candidates? 

There are a few reasons a company may choose to have separate openings for internal candidates. If these don't apply to your company, many people choose to use the same openings for internal and external candidates. You may consider using a separate opening for internal candidates if:

  • You'd like to ask different application questions of internal candidates. 
    • For example: You may not need a resume, as you know their current work history, but you may want to ask additional questions regarding their current role and desire to move positions
  • You'd like to display a different job description for internal candidates. 
    • For example: Stating particular policies for internal applicants
  • You'd like to have a clear and entirely separate candidate pool inside of Hire for your internal candidates verse intermingled with your external candidates
  • You are only considering internal candidates for a particular role.
    • For example: An opening that has been created for a specific person or people inside your company, and outside applicants will not be considered

How do I create the internal opening? 

When creating an internal opening, you will begin by following the usual steps of opening creation. You can find these steps here

Once you've entered the opening details, application questions, and automated response, you'll be to the point where you can choose to publish your opening. Instead of picking "Publish," you'll set the opening into an "Internal" status, choosing "Use Internally" to save this opening in an internal status.

If this opening is already in a published status, you can modify the opening to be internal from the upper right corner of the opening:

Want to learn more about opening statuses? Learn more here

How do I share this opening? 

When an opening is in an internal status, the opening will not be shown publicly on your hosted careers site, your jobs widget, or any job board Trakstar Hire directly integrates with. 

Internal openings can be pulled via the Opening API and/or you can create an internal opening private sharing link. This link contains the job description and application form and can be accessed by anyone who has the link. We recommend sharing this link only with those interested in applying - and not sharing it publicly unless you plan to collect public applications. 

Creating the sharable link:

When you are ready to create a shareable link for this internal opening, click on the opening inside your Hire account and then pick "Candidate Sources." From here, pick "Get a link to share privately." 

This opens a box to allow you to access a private link. Displayed in this box is a default private link, which will reflect the source of "Private." If you wish to track additional sources for this internal opening, you can create multiple private links via the "New Private Link" button:

Once you click the "New Private Link" button, you have the option to name the link. The name listed here will reflect in the "Source" line of the candidate profile and in the source reporting. 

Sharing this link internally: 

Once you've created this internal link - it's time to share it! We suggest you share the link:

  • Within your team's communication tools, such as Slack or Teams
  • On your internal-only website (such as an Intranet or Internal Resources Page) 
  • Sharing the link with your team(s) via email
  • Sharing the link in a private, professional group 

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