How to share your jobs on any job board

Here at Trakstar Hire, we're all about simplifying your hiring process, including sharing your jobs on job boards! Posting your job opening to a public job board site is an excellent way to attract quality candidates!

Posting via Trakstar Hire comes along with some great benefits:

  • You can post with a single click - you won't have to create the same posting in different places!

  • You can track incoming candidates from each posting in one convenient place!

  • You save money!

You can post in two ways: to our free and paid job boards via the one-click post and to any job board via the custom job board section.

How do I manage my job board postings?

Managing the job boards is simple - you can set it up directly from each job opening!

  • Click " Openings " on the left bar of your Trakstar Hire screen.

  • Click the name of the opening you would like to manage the job board postings for:

  • This displays your opening details. Click on "Candidate Sources" between "Job Details" and "Job Settings":

  • In the Job Boards section, click "Manage."

  • From here, you will decide which job boards you'd like to push your job to!

One-Click Job Board Integrations

You can push your job to several "one-click" job boards on the job board page.

Paid or Sponsored Postings

Snagajob: This site is specifically targeted at hourly job seekers. Got a part-time position? Snagajob can help you fill it fast!

ZipRecruiter: With a single click, ZipRecruiter will post your job opening to 50+ leading job boards.

IMM Jobs: This is an India-specific job board. When you connect to this job board, you will go through payment details - but please keep in mind that there is no additional charge for this job board. You will also be asked for your IMM login information to process the job.

Free Job Boards

Once you publish a job, the job posts to the free job boards!  You can manage which job boards you'd like your openings to post via Settings > Job boards & Publishing > Job Posts Settings.

Current free boards: Indeed+Glassdoor, Adzuna (Australian Jobs), Zoek (UK Jobs).  LinkedIn is also free, but you must manually post the job via the Free tab.

What is the difference between paid and free job board pushes?

As you can see, some of our job board pushes allow both paid sponsorship and a free push. The paid sponsorship allows your job to receive more hits as it is bid out to searchers. The free push gets your job traffic without the cost!

I don't see my opening on the free job board! Where is it?

  • Once jobs are sent to the one-click job boards, they go into our job board feed. The respective job board retrieves data from this feed and then displays your job. It can take up to 48 hours for the job board to complete this process and for your job to begin displaying.
  • In addition, the first time you post to the free job boards, your jobs must go through an approval job distribution process with Indeed. It often takes several days to hear back from Indeed regarding the approval.

Can I edit my jobs after I have sent them to the job boards?

Yes! It will take up to 48 hours to display the changes, but they are updated automatically.

Just so you know, once you have pushed your jobs to the paid job boards, you will not be able to update the location of these jobs. All other edits to your jobs will go to the job boards in about 48 hours.

All edits to the free job boards (including location) are updated within 48 hours.

How to post on any job board

Maybe you want to post your jobs on a job board that we haven't listed, such as Craigslist, AngelList, or Reddit, or sponsor an opening on LinkedIn. That's great! We've set up the process to allow you to post to any job board! Setting up your job to share on the job board through this page ensures the source will be tracked and the candidates land back in Trakstar Hire - making reporting easy and saving you time! Read on to learn more!

Adding a new job board

Once on the job posting page, it is easy to add a new job board

  • Click the "Custom" Job Boards tab

  • Here you can choose to View Instructions on how to post to a board previously added to Trakstar Hire, OR you can create a new job board by clicking the ADD A JOB BOARD box.

  • If you choose to ADD A JOB BOARD, you will be shown a unique application link for that job board and the details that will be posted.

  • Many job boards accept URLs to direct people to your job postings. If your job board accepts this posting - this is the best way to share your job! Jobs shared in this manner will direct the applicant to the application form, and they will answer the custom questions you have set up!

  • If the job board you have chosen does not allow external links, that's okay! You can generate an opening-specific email address to forward the candidate's resume into the system. To generate this unique email address, click "generate a unique email address."

Note - Candidates added via the email address will not answer any custom application questions built. Instead, their resume will be added to the system, and their name and phone number will be parsed. If you have the auto-response to applicants turned on, these candidates will receive auto-responses only when a unique email address is present and can be parsed out of their resume.

  • You can now view the unique email address for this job posting

  • You have all the data you need to create your posting on the job board! You can now hop over to the job board site (Monster, Career Builder, etc.) and paste the information from your job posting box. Share the external link, email address, and job description information!

  • As candidates apply via this job board posting, you will be able to see their source reflected within their profile and the source report.

How do I remove my jobs from the job boards?

  • For the one-click job board pushes:
    • One-click job board pushes can be removed from the job boards by archiving the job or making the job private
  • For the "added by you" job board pushes:
    • "Added by you" job board will need to be manually removed from the external job site (Monster, Career Builder, etc.).

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