Can I pull a report of people that have applied for my jobs? (Candidates Report)

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Can I pull a report of people who have applied to my jobs?

Yes! This report is called the Candidates Report, and it is a downloadable excel report. The report contains the candidate data and the answers to the application form questions.

There are two versions of this report. One is pulled based on the application date of the candidate, and the other is pulled based on the date the candidate was last edited in your account.

The report includes an "Opening ID" column and all the candidate data to help you match up data across various Excel reports from your account if needed.

Here are the steps to pull the Excel Candidates Report:

  • Click the " Reports" icon on the left bar of your Trakstar Hire screen.

  • At the bottom of your Reports Dashboard, choose "Excel Reports."

  • You will see the Excel reporting options.  Select the date range you'd like to view - either a built-in option or custom dates
  • Scroll down, and select the report you'd like to view.  The two Candidates' Reports pull from the same data but with two different date options.

  • Click "Generate Report" from the bottom of the screen.

  • The report will be emailed to the email address to log in to Trakstar Hire.

  • The report will contain the candidate data and the answers to the application questions - here is an example:

What if the report doesn't come to my email?

Please check your spam folder to ensure the report hasn't landed there. If you still can't locate it, please reach out to us at

Can I also pull this report with the candidate's resume data?

The Applicants Report does not contain the resume data. We offer a monthly data export - included in some of our pricing plans. The monthly data export contains a zip file with the applicant's report and the candidate's resumes. You can set up this export via Settings > Data Backup. If it's not available on your plan, write to us at for more pricing information!

Can I include candidate tags in this report?

Yes - candidate tags are included in the Candidate Report only if they contain a colon, such as Score: 10 or Location: New York. The data before the colon will be the column header and the data after the colon in the excel sheet cell.

Can I pull this report for only a particular opening, stage, tag, etc.?

No, the Candidates Report pulls for all of the applicants in your account. Once you have the report, you can always sort it by any of the column headers and remove certain groups of candidates.

If a candidate is not assigned to an opening, will they pull on this report?

No, only candidates assigned to an opening will pull on the report.

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