What job boards does Trakstar Hire integrate with?

Trakstar Hire has several built-in integrations with job boards, making getting great candidates even easier.  These free connections can be turned on or off on an account-wide basis.  When enabled, all current and future published openings will automatically be syndicated to these free job boards - and any applications will flow directly into your Trakstar Hire account.

We have built-in integrations with the following:

  • Free
    • Indeed+Glassdoor
    • LinkedIn (free)
    • Google
    • Recruit.net
    • Adzuna
    • Zoek
  • Paid
    • Snagajob
    • Ziprecruiter

How can I enable the free job boards?

A Super Admin can enable the connection to the free job boards via Settings > Job boards & Publishing > Job Posts Settings.

For your openings to syndicate to the free job boards, you must have your hosted site enabled:
Scroll down and select the job boards you would like all of your current and future published openings to post to.

From within an opening, you can then confirm that it is being sent to the enabled job boards via the Job Board tab.

A Note About Application Questions & Job Boards

Indeed and other job boards may suppress your job postings if you use application questions that request excessive personal information -  like Social Security number, driver's license number, bank account numbers, etc.  In addition, information can make your job look like a scam and drive away applicants.

If this information is required, consider asking it later in the process or after the candidate is hired.  You can use questionnaires to gather additional details from candidates in a more private or selective setting.


Indeed "Created" Date - Refreshing versus archiving and re-publishing

Refreshing the job opening pulls it to the top of the job board's feed, but it will maintain that original post date. If you archive the job, and then un-archive (republish), it will have a fresh date! It will not affect any off the previous or current candidates that live in that job opening on the Hire platform.

How can I sponsor an opening on the paid job boards?

These options are open-by-opening and can be found on the opening page under the Candidate Sources tab.  Select Manage from the Job Boards section.

You'll then see your options for sponsoring job postings directly from Trakstar Hire.


The world's largest professional network, with nearly 740 million members in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide.

Learn how to set up this connection here. 

LinkedIn Recruiter

LinkedIn's paid version of their site.

Click on the name of the opening that you are looking for the unique job URL:

  • The opening details will display. Choose the tab that says "Candidate Sources" in between Job Details & Workflow, and you will see the Application Link URL there:

If you would also like to track clicks from a specific location on this job URL, you can use the "Share a trackable link" option to connect a source to candidates who apply via the created link.
For example, if you enter "XYZ" in the share a trackable link window, you will notice that "?source=XYZ" is added to the end of the job URL, and the source for any candidates that apply through this modified link will be recorded as "XYZ":

You must click the blue "Copy trackable link" button for the source you typed to be saved as one of the sources you track across your candidates. Copy the link, then go to the site you listed and create your opening with this link as the way for candidates to apply. Trakstar Hire will track their source for you via that link.


This site is specifically targeted at hourly job seekers. Got a part-time position? Snagajob can help you fill it fast!


ZipRecruiter will post your job opening to 50+ leading job boards with a single click.

IMM Jobs

This is an India-specific job board. When you connect to this job board, you will go through payment details - but please keep in mind that there is no additional charge for this job board. So that you know, you will also be asked for your IMM login information to process the job.

What is the difference between paid and free job board pushes?

As you can see, some of our job board pushes allow both paid sponsorship and a free push. The paid sponsorship allows your job to receive more hits as it is bid out to searchers. The free push gets your job traffic without the cost!

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