Best Practices - Pre-Launch Checklist

You've created your openings, added your users, and are ready to publish your first job to the job boards!  But wait a minute - there are a few things you may want to review before you officially syndicate your jobs and press publish.

Account Wide Settings


Turn on integrations you'll be using - such as connecting your calendar, adding Zoom links to interviews, or connecting your HRIS.  You can find most of these options on the Advanced Settings > Apps & Integrations page:

Zoom and Google Calendar are per account settings, so you'll find them under Personal Settings.  Zoom will be under Connected Applications, and Google Calendar will be under Sync calendarBe sure to let your team know they need to set up these options, too!

Hiring Workflow

Go over your hiring workflow - the stages you've set for each opening - and ensure that everyone assigned as a coordinator, interviewer, or reviewer knows what tasks they need to take on when a candidate is assigned.  Do they need help learning the system and what they'll be doing?  Please send them to the Workflow Trak in Trakstar Academy!

Evaluation Forms

Custom evaluation forms can help create great interviewers - and provide invaluable feedback on a candidate.  Learn more about creating an excellent evaluation form here and ensure they are set on your openings!

User Permissions

Take a look at the Users and Permissions you've set up under Company Settings to ensure everyone has the correct access to the system.  Learn more about the various user levels here!

Sharing Openings

Decide how you will share openings on your site - do you plan to use Hire's hosted site, the widget, or build something custom with the API?  You can customize the hosted site or share the code for the widget via Job boards & Publishing > Careers site.  This is also where you can add your logo to your openings!

Personal Settings

Email Templates

You can customize the email templates you'll use to communicate with candidates and share them with your whole team.  Set them up under Personal Settings > Email Templates.

Time Zones

Check your time zone under Settings > Profile & Password.  This is important for scheduling interviews.  Ensure your computer's time zone and video call service match your time zone in your Hire.

Email Signature

While you're on the Profile Settings page, set up your email signature!  This will be appended to all emails you send out within Hire.

Job Boards

Have you previously posted jobs to Indeed, Glassdoor, or LinkedIn outside Trakstar Hire?  Ensure you remove all previous job postings from these sites before we syndicate your openings.  These job boards only allow one source for openings and will prioritize the ones you have posted over the ones coming from your ATS.  

Ready to go!

That's it!  You are ready to syndicate your job boards and start hiring!  Feel free to contact us at with questions as you get started.

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