How do candidates apply directly to my job openings?

Once you've created your job opening - it's time for the candidates to start rolling in! How exactly does this happen? Read on to find out!

What are all of the ways to add candidates to Trakstar Hire?

There are several ways candidates are added into Trakstar Hire: 

This article will cover direct applications to your job openings. Linked above are resources for the other methods mentioned. 

Where do candidates find my role to apply to it?

In order to apply for your job opening, candidates must find it! You can share your job:

What does the application process look like for the candidate?

Once the candidate find your role, they can read the job description and additional details you have provided. They will see: 

  • The job title
  • The job location
  • The remote status
  • If the job is full time, part time or contract
  • A close date, if provided
  • The job description 

*guide to writing great job descriptions, especially better than this screenshot - click here!

Once reading this information the candidate can click on "Apply" to access your configurable application form

After submitting this information they will be directed to your EEOC questionnaire, if this is turned on for this job posting, as well as receive an automated email reply - if you've set that up. 

They'll also now show as a candidate in your account - ready for you to take action on them! 

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